Comix Viewer Plugin

Comix viewer is a simple eclipse plugin allowing a developer to view their favorite daily comic strips. The plugin remembers the last comic viewed and allows for easy import and export of online comic profiles. Source code available for download.


Use webstart page


Use the update site at or download the plugin below.



The Comix Profile Manager

Comix Manager

Button descriptions

save Save any changes. The elements in the list will be a light yellow if there are changes that need to be saved.
add Add a new profile, will add a new row which then needs to be populated. Must be saved after the data has been entered.
delete Delete the selected profile.
export Export (see below).
import Import (see below).

Column descriptions

Initial URL This is the initial page to get
Current URL The current image url being used. The java url created from this uses the initial url as a base which allows for relative paths.
Image Pattern The pattern used to get the image url from the page source.
<h3>Image URL [(]for hotlinking/embedding[)][:][\s](.*)</h3>
Next Pattern The pattern used to get the next page url. This will become the current url when the next page is called
<li><a href="(.*)" accesskey="n">Next
Title Pattern The pattern used to get the comic title. This is optional and can be left blank.
<title>xkcd - A Webcomic - (.*)</title>
The patterns are java regular expressions. The value is taken from the first group.

Import / Export


The ComixManager uses the xstream xml serializer library. This generates very clean readable xml based on the internal objects. This xml stream can be used for exporting and importing profiles.

Importing a profile will not overwrite any profile with the existing initial page

An example of an importable xml object. The set is the root xml element and may only appear once, it may contain many ch.oblivion.comix.plugin.model.PageParser elements.
      <pattern><h3>Image URL [(]for hotlinking/embedding[)][:][\s](.*)</h3></pattern>
      <pattern><title>xkcd - A Webcomic - (.*)</title></pattern>
      <pattern><li><a href="(.*)" accesskey="n">Next</pattern>